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BMT: Business Management Made Easy

A Tech Guide for Nigerian and African Entrepreneurs

Most large corporations have a plethora of business management softwares to choose from. But solo entrepreneurs, proprietors and small business owners in Nigeria and across Africa, face numerous challenges in managing their operations efficiently. From inventory management to finance, customer relationships, and beyond, there's a growing need for a comprehensive solution that can streamline these complex processes seamlessly.

Nigerian and African entrepreneurs are seeking for avenues through which their business management processes can be made, not necessarily easy, but easier in some respects. Why? Because even though software solutions provide intricate management resources to the modern day African entrepreneur, it has not found ways to circumnavigate some challenges of doing business on the continent. Mostly due to the relatively low level of digitisation when compared to developed countries.

The digitisation of business processes has been, and still is, a slow process amongst SMEs on the continent of Africa, but utilising technology in businesses is becoming unavoidable for the current and next generation of entrepreneurs. The pain point of software pricing for small businesses cannot be overstated, especially in the sink or swim economic climate of Nigeria. Most "free" business software lack the proper functionalities needed to drive growth in Nigerian and African businesses.

This is where BMT, the leading ERP software, steps in to empower Nigerian and African entrepreneurs with its robust features and tailored solutions.

BMT Affordable ERP Software Tool - Business Management made easy for small business owners in Nigeria and Africa. Handles POS, CRM, Inventory, document management and so much more
BMT - Business Management Tool

Business management made easy. What does that mean? Let's explore how BMT can digitise and automate local processes of conducting business on our continent.

You can also find Youtube video tutorials here - How to use BMT.

  • Unifying Business Processes

BMT, short for Business Management Tool, is a cutting-edge ERP software that integrates various core business functions into a unified system. It consolidates multiple departments, such as finance, sales, inventory, CRM, and human resources, allowing you to have a holistic view of your business. With BMT, you can streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and optimize processes for increased productivity.

  • Tailored for Nigerian and African Entrepreneurs

One of the standout features of BMT is its localization for the Nigerian and African markets. It understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this region and provides specific solutions to address them effectively. From compliance to multi-currency support and localization of financial reporting, BMT ensures that your business remains in sync with the regional requirements.

  • Scalable and Flexible

Whether you're a freelancer, sole proprietor, small business owner, startup or a growing enterprise, BMT is designed to scale with your business. Its modular architecture allows you to choose and customize the features that suit your specific needs. You can start with basic functionality and add more modules (features) as your business expands, ensuring a seamless growth trajectory. BMT also provides flexibility in terms of deployment, offering both on-premises and cloud-based options.

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  • Enhanced Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for businesses in Nigeria and Africa, where supply chain challenges are prevalent. BMT offers powerful inventory management capabilities, allowing you to track stock levels, streamline procurement processes, manage warehouses, and optimize order fulfillment. Real-time insights into inventory data enable you to make informed decisions, reduce stockouts, and improve customer satisfaction.

Find out more about inventory and document management on Paperless Businesses.

  • Streamlined Financial Management

Managing finances can be a complex task, especially when dealing with multiple currencies and reporting requirements. BMT simplifies financial management by automating key processes such as accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, budgeting, and financial reporting. It provides real-time visibility into your financial health, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with local regulations.

  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In today's customer-centric business landscape, nurturing strong relationships with clients is vital for success. BMT offers an integrated CRM module that centralizes customer data, tracks interactions, and streamlines sales processes. With BMT's CRM, you can manage leads, automate marketing campaigns, track customer support tickets, and provide personalized experiences to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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BMT Affordable ERP Software Tool - Business Management made easy for small business owners in Nigeria and Africa. Handles POS, CRM, Inventory, document management and so much more
Some features of BMT, co-created with our first Nigerian adopters
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data-driven decision-making is a cornerstone of modern business strategies. BMT incorporates robust business intelligence and analytics tools to transform raw data into actionable insights. With customizable dashboards, data visualization, and reporting capabilities, BMT empowers you to monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and optimize your operations for better outcomes.

For Nigerian and African entrepreneurs seeking to enhance operational efficiency, BMT stands out as the best ERP software tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Its comprehensive suite of features, localization, scalability, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. By streamlining processes, optimizing inventory management, simplifying financials, and integrating customer relationship management, BMT enables entrepreneurs to focus on growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

Partner with us today to stimulate economic growth in Nigeria and across Africa.

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Mastering BMT: A Comprehensive Video Guide to harnessing the power of business software in Africa

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